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Ojo Law Specializes In The Following Areas

Immigration Law

We can represent you in all immigration matters including:

• » Adjustment of Status (“Green Card”)

• » Asylum

• » Appeals to Board of Immigration Appeals……

Criminal Law

Our office will use its experience and the facts of your case to craft a defense that is specific to your situation while taking the prosecution’s burden into account…..

Family Law

Ojo Law office, is here to help you through the difficulties, the decisions and the negotiations that are involved in ending your marriage.

Study And Live Abroad

If you have the right qualifications and funds to study abroad in the United states or Canada, Our Law Firm will match you with the right schools: High Schools, Colleges, Universities and Post Graduate Studies.

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Attorney Ayodele Ojo is uniquely qualified to handle your litigation needs, having worked in various small law firm settings that treat their client’s legal issues with seriousness.

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