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There are few things more precious than family, so any issues that arise with family law can hurt all the more. When you're dealing with a family legal matter, Ojo Law Office - MN in St Paul, MN can represent you. We offer a wide range of family law services, including representing clients through divorce and child support hearings.

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The importance of hiring a divorce attorney

The importance of hiring a divorce attorney

Unfortunately, not all marriages end happily. If you’re facing the difficult decision of divorce, you’ll want to find an attorney. A divorce attorney helps clients with:

  • Divorce — finalizing your separation and dividing marital assets
  • Legal separations — letting you and your spouse go your separate ways
  • Child custody and support — ensuring your children have the support they need

Your attorney will help you through every difficult step of your divorce so you can start the healing process as soon as possible. Email us today for family law services.